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McDonough Board Reviews Adult Use Ordinance

Rich Egger

Members of a McDonough County Board committee want changes to a proposed ordinance that would place limitations on adult entertainment establishments.

The Law and Legal Committee spent two hours Monday night reviewing the 28-page ordinance.

Some members said parts of it are ambiguous. They wanted the ordinance to specify things such as how many violations would be needed to revoke the license for that type of business.

Some members also feel the ordinance is too lengthy, but State’s Attorney James Hoyle argued nothing in the document is confusing and he said it’s devoid of legalese.

Hoyle said he wrote the ordinance five years ago but the county board never approved it.  Now board members are catching an earful from people who live near the club Wildlife, which opened in February on Route 136 between Macomb and Colchester.

Hoyle expected to have an edited document for the committee to review next month.