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Former Teacher Removed from Sex Abuse Lawsuits


A former teacher and coach in southeast Iowa is no longer being sued for sexual abuse.

Two former students had accused Gina Sisk of the abuse, but their attorney, Roxanne Conlin, has now removed Sisk from three pending lawsuits.

Conlin says the decision prevents her from re-filing the lawsuits in the future.

Conlin would not disclose how the decision to dismiss was reached, but she says the removal of a defendant is not unusual for a civil lawsuit, adding that the cases were “satisfactorily resolved.”

Sisk's attorney was not available for comment on the dismissals.

Sisk was facing two lawsuits in Henry County from her time with the New London School District and one in south Lee County from her tenure at the Keokuk School District.

The document filed in south Lee County District Court to remove Gina Sisk from a sexual abuse lawsuit filed by a former Keokuk student.

She was the lone defendant in one of the Henry County cases, so it is now null and void, but she had co-defendants in the other two.

Conlin says the lawsuits will continue against the co-defendants, the New London and Keokuk School Districts and former KHS principal Michelle Lukavsky.

The New London School District is trying to bring the lawsuit against it to an end, via the Iowa Supreme Court.

The district claims the statute of limitations had expired before the lawsuit was filed.

The high court heard oral arguments in the case this week, with a decision is expected in the coming weeks.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.