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City Council Approves Library Funds

Jonathan Ahl

The Galesburg city council voted five to two in favor of investing $2 million to help the public library qualify for a $16 million state grant.

Getting the grant would mean a new library for Galesburg.

Alderman Russell Fleming, Ward 3, and Ken Goad, Ward 1, voted “no” saying the investment was too risky for city tax payers.

“We don’t need this library, some people want this library,” said Fleming. He raised concerns about the safety of tax payer funds. Goad said the City’s investment was “a scary proposition” that might lead to higher taxes for Galesburg’s citizens.

Jeremy Karlin, Ward 7, voted “yes.” He said he is confident that that the city will get its two million back if the library does not get the grant, and at no risk to the tax payer.