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Illinois, Missouri Exceed Health Insurance Signup Expectations; Iowa Falls Short

L Harless
Flickr Creative Commons

More than 8 million people nationally signed up for health insurance during the first open enrollment period.

That figure includes 5.4 million enrolled through the federal marketplace and 2.6 million enrolled in state marketplaces. The statistics do include those who have yet to pay their first month's premiums.

Thirty-six states relied on the federal website to enroll residents including Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. The open enrollment period ran from Oct. 2013 through Mar. 2014.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released preliminary state by state numbers [.pdf] showing a last minute surge just prior to the enrollment deadline including many who started the process by March 31st and had until April 15th to finish signing up.


  • 217,000 enrolled through Get Covered Illinois.
  • The federal government estimated 143,000 people in Illinois would sign up for coverage.


  • 29,163 signed up for health coverage.
  • The federal government estimated 49,000 people in Iowa would sign up for coverage.


  • 152,335 signed up for health coverage.
  • The federal government estimated 118,000 people in Missouri would sign up for coverage.

A special enrollment period is now underway. The next open enrollment period will begin in Nov. 2014, and run through Feb.  2015.

Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.