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WIU Constructs New Parking Lot

Frannie Smith
Tri-States Public Radio News

Western Illinois University is expecting its Center for Performing Arts to be built in the near future. But first there is a parking lot to be built. 

TheCenter for Performing Arts will be built on the parking lot south of Browne Hall on campus. The University will build a new lot to replace the lost parking spaces.

Ted Renner, the deputy director of the Physical plant, says the intent is to avoid losing any parking lots.

"As soon as the contractors are awarded for the center, the contractor can then put up a fence, they can begin to demolish the existing parking lot which is just south of Browne where the new building will be. What that means is that all the parking spaces there in the new lot will just be immediately able to absorb them," says Renner.

The estimated completion for the parking lot is the beginning of October, and the cost of the lot is expected to be around $800,000.

The field where the new parking lot will be built has been the practice field for the WIU Marching Band for decades. The plan is to leave enough space for the band to continue practice there.