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Burlington Schools to Add Another Officer

The Burlington School District's current officer is based at the high school.  The second officer will rotate between the district’s two middle schools and attend extracurricular activities as needed.

Superintendent Jane Evans said having a law enforcement presence at the high school has worked out well for all involved.

“He talks with the students<" said Evans. "He listens to what they are saying and we think it is wonderful for the students to see a police officer as a friendly human being.”

Evans said the district pays the salary and benefits for its current school resource officer.  She said it will split the cost, though, for the second officer with the city.

The total cost to the district will be about $99,000, which will come from at-risk funding.

Evans said the new officer should be in place by the first day of school in mid-August.

She said the officers could eventually switch roles to maintain relationships as students travel from middle school to high school.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.