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Galesburg Building Might House Railroad HoF

T.J. Carson

A building acquired by the city of Galesburg could be turned into a new home for the National Railroad Hall of Fame and Museum.

The city council agreed to spend $210,000 to buy the building at 240 South Seminary Street, across from the Amtrak Depot.

Alderman Jeremy Karlin said the city intended to use the building itself, but he thinks it would be an ideal spot for the museum.

“This location, this site, at the end of South Seminary Street puts it right across the street from the Amtrak Depot, it’s within sight of the rail yard and the railroad right there, and that makes good sense for our downtown,” he said.

Hall of Fame Executive Director Julie King agreed.

“We’re just really really pleased with the response that we’re getting, and that response has given the city confidence to move ahead acquiring this property,” she said.

King said all that is left to do is to raise money to establish the Hall of Fame in its new location.

The Hall of Fame is currently housed on East Main Street.