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WIU Planning to Become Smoke Free

Western Illinois University is working on its plan to enforce a new state law that makes all public university and community college campuses smoke-free zones beginning July, 2015.

The schools are required by law to create a smoke-free campus task force that will address policy, procedure, and a ticket appeal process.

Vice President for Administrative Services, Julie DeWees, said WIU's committee will be created by the end of the year and will include members of the faculty, administration and student population. She said whatever the task force decides will be sent to the Board of Trustees for approval.

DeWees said violators of the ban will likely receive something comparable to a parking ticket.  

“We will have to have some type of citation for anyone who would break that rule whether it be students, faculty, staff or visitors to campus,” DeWees said.

Smoking will be banned campus wide but will still be allowed in privately owned vehicles.

DeWees said the smoking ban could potentially boost enrollment. “I hope that isn’t a deterrent.  I would hope that would attract students but you never know.”

But she acknowledged it could possibly hurt recruitment efforts among smokers. 

Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.