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Some Sports Could be Cut in Monmouth-Roseville

T.J. Carson

The Monmouth-Roseville School District is looking for ways to reduce spending, and the elimination of certain sports programs  is one option under review.

The Board of Education this week considered nine programs across the junior high and high school:

  • High school cheerleading
  • High school Twirlers
  • Freshman football
  • Freshman volleyball
  • Freshman boys basketball
  • Freshman girls basketball
  • Junior high school football
  • Junior high school cheerleading
  • Junior high school Twirlers

After a lengthy discussion, the board decided to vote next month on a motion to eliminate freshman football and freshman volleyball.

If all nine programs were cut, the district estimated a savings of $28,166.

But by only focusing on freshman football and volleyball, Superintendent Ed Fletcher estimated a savings of a bit more than $16,000.

He said every dollar the district spends must be looked at.

“Really, when we look at our finances, right now they don’t look bad.  But we’re so reliant on general state aid, any significant reduction in general state aid tremendously reduces our balances,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said although the program cuts would reduce spending, they could also cost the district some revenue.

“There’s some gate money that we lose,” Fletcher said.  “There could be families that say ‘Hey, I want my child to play sports’.  Sports are very important to certain parents, and they may decide ‘Well we don’t want to go to school here anymore’.  Those are some of the things they’re going to have to talk about.” 

Board members brought up concerns about possible Title IX violations and why non-sports programs were not being considered.

Board members also said participation fees might help fund athletic programs and stave off cuts.