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Carl Sandburg Students Use Metal Scraps to Create Art

Carl Sandburg College invited welders and artists to unleash their creativity as part of a collaborative effort to create metal sculptures.

Artists and welders were paired up and given seven-hours to create their  masterpiece.

Art Director Lisa Walker said the time limit forced students to think quickly and create on the fly.

“It’s not a matter of, I can spend ten years and make this perfect. You’ve got a very short time,” Walker said.

In all, four works were completed. The one chosen as the best was a steampunk clock made with gears and small pieces of metal. It was created by art student Erica Van Daele and welding student Cody Peppers.

Van Daele said the experience showed her new ways to create art. “I want to get into 3D design in the spring next year,” Van Daele said.  “So I think I’m going to take a welding course in the fall so I can just go on my way.”

Cody Peppers said working on the collaboration showed him different ways and techniques to utilize his welding skills that were not taught in the classroom.