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Clark County Schools Prepare for New Students

Jason Parrott
Running Fox Elementary School could house some of the new students coming to the Clark County R-1 School District

The Clark County R-1 School District is preparing for an influx of new students from the nearby Luray School District.  About 40 K-8 students will be switching schools after residents of Luray voted to close their local school district because of increasing costs and decreasing enrollment numbers.

CCR-1 Superintendent Ritchie Kracht said the most important step is for the students to feel comfortable in their new schools.  He said to help with that, they will attend classes in Clark County for one day next month.

"They will be paired up with a buddy," said Kracht.  "They will go to class, they will go to recess in the elementary buildings, they will go to lunch.  They will do everything our students do so they get used to the day.  They get to meet our teachers and they get a chance to meet all of our kids.”

Kracht said CCR-1 administrators will travel to Luray another night in May to hold a public meeting.  He said this will give parents an opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from administrators.

Kracht said CCR-1 will not add teachers because each classroom will only gain 1 or 2 students.  He said there will have to be a new school bus route added to travel to and from the Luray area each day.

Luray is the third rural school district in the county to join CCR-1, following Revere and Wyaconda.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.