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Damaged Equipment Causes Comcast Outage in Macomb

Photo courtesy of Comcast
Comcast service went black on Tuesday afternoon.

Comcast Internet and TV services were interrupted around 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Company representatives said the problem occurred in equipment Comcast leases from Mediacom.

Credit Photo courtesy of Mediacom.
Comcast was leasing the equipment from Mediacom.

Phyllis Peters, Communications Director for Mediacom, said a bad cable connector three miles north of Macomb caused the problem.

“It was something that had degraded that connection and our team needed to go in and get the expertise to re-splice all those fibers and make that connection just as powerful as it can be,” Peters said.

Credit Photo courtesy of HowStuffWorks.
The inside of a fiber optic cable. The damaged equipment was connecting two fiber cables.

Peters said the equipment was in very poor condition by the time the crew got to it.

“When the enclosure was opened to assess and make repairs, some of the fiber connections broke,” she said.

Peters added that vandalism is not suspected. She said the degradation could have been caused by faulty equipment or poor installation.

She could not comment on whether this outage was related to one on the same day in Quincy, though the city has said the outage was due to a line being cut.