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Plenty of New Faces at Knox College

T.J. Carson
Knox College has done work on its website to be more mobile-friendly to attract more students.

Knox College is confident the use of 21st Century technology is helping bring more students to campus.

The college is reporting its third largest group of new students in its 178-year history. Megan Scott, Communications Director, said 418 new students are enrolled this year. She said there was also a record number of applicants: 3,546.

Scott said college administrators believe the high numbers of applicants and new students are directly related to a new strategy to embrace and increase Knox College's online presence. 

“This generation of high school students who are entering college are on the web and on their phone and they’re on social media," said Scott. "So we recognize that we need to be meeting where they are.”

Scott said Knox has also worked to increase enrollment through a partnership between the Office of Communications and Admission that promotes the college as well as some improvements on campus.

“I think the opening of Alumni Hall has been great for us," said Scott. "It's a beautiful building that has renewed excitement to things that are happening here on campus. The campus visit is incredibility important and we work very hard at making sure students and parents feel welcome when they come to campus.

The statistics for this year's class include:

  • Female/Male ratio of 59:41
  • 15% of the student body is international students
  • 33 states and 23 countries are represented

Despite the increase in new students, Scott said overall enrollment is comparable to last year's figure of 1,420.