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Knox College Tuition Reaches $50K

T.J. Carson

The cost of attending Knox College will increase next school year.

The college said tuition will rise by 3.3% percent.  That will make a full year at Knox cost $50,859.  It is the first time the price is more than $50,000.

Paul Steenis, Dean of Admissions, said the college is still cheaper compared to similar liberal arts colleges across the country.

“The cost of living is a little bit lower here in the Midwest than it might be on the coasts.  Certainly the cost of living in a smaller town also makes getting an education here in western Illinois more affordable than many parts of the country,” Steenis said.

Steenis said tuition hike will allow Knox to maintain the level of education it provides. He also noted most students do not usually pay the full tuition amount thanks to grants and scholarships.

“About two-thirds of our students or more receive needs-based financial aid, to be able to make Knox affordable.  And those need-based financial awards range from thousands of dollars up to the full cost of a Knox education,” Steenis said.