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A Public Beach for Macomb

Rich Egger
A view of Spring Lake from the south shore. Boating is already allowed on the lake.

The head of Spring Lake Management is seeking city permission to create a beach and allow public swimming in the southeast part of the lake, between the south docks and the spillway.

“There’s parking, there’s [the] ability to put a phone there, which needs to be at a public beach according to state law. And then the slope is very gradual, which makes it very easy to get in and out of the lake,” said Ryan Hansen, who added he’s received a lot of inquiries about creating a beach and swimming area.

He believes the beach would attract more campers, which should increase revenues. Swimming would be allowed up to a depth of four feet. The designated swimming area would be marked with a rope and buoys.

The estimated cost is $7,900. Of that amount, $6,400 would pay for creating the sand beach, which a city memo said would be done by hauling in sand and spreading it on the beach area, extending into the water and covering the entire swimming area.

The other $1,500 would pay for the emergency land line phone.

Hansen said a preliminary water test will be done to ensure bacteria counts are low enough to allow public swimming in the lake.

Members of the city council’s Park & Pool Committee reviewed the proposal this week. Fifth Ward Alderman Clay Hinderliter said it’s an idea worth trying, given the price.

But Alderman At Large Don Wynn expressed reservations.

“I’m not really 100% sure all the questions are answered on liability as to who’s going to be responsible for what, and do we want to take that risk,” said Wynn, who said he has not made up his mind on the proposal.

The plan could go to the full city council if water testing results indicate the lake is safe for swimming.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.