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Carl Sandburg College President Wants to Keep Presence in Bushnell

Carl Sandburg College
CSC President Lor Sundberg (right) said closing the Bushnell building will save the college around $200,000 each year on operating costs.

The school is looking for ways to maintain a presence in Bushnell even after it closes down the building it owns.  The college will close the building on June 30 to save money.

The college said enrollment has decreased in Bushnell and few classes are held there. But President Lori Sundberg said she will look for ways to work with the city to continue offering services and more. She said one potential option is to start a dual credit program similar to one that will be tried in Abingdon this fall.

“We’ve actually developed a curriculum that we’re going to embed an associate degree in their high school experience. So for juniors and seniors, in Abingdon going forward, they could get an associate degree if they choose,” Sundberg said.

She said the college is also talking about donating computers to the public library in Bushnell to allow people to take online courses there.

Bushnell Mayor Jim Evans said the city is considering purchasing the building for office space.

“The building itself as it stands now, it’s a very attractive structure. And it’s served a very useful purpose. It’s a building that we want to see occupied, and stay occupied,” Evans said.

Representatives from the college and the city will meet next week to consider options.

This is the second building Carl Sandburg College is selling this year. The school last month sold its auditorium in Carthage to the city for $100.