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Absent State Budget, SIU's President Outlines Dramatic Reduction Plan

SIU's President says without a state budget - or stop gap funding - drastic cuts will have to happen soon. WSIU's Jennifer Fuller reports.

Illinois' budget impasse has prompted another "doomsday scenario" at Southern Illinois University – which could be voted on as early as next week.

In a letter to the SIU system, President Randy Dunn outlined what he'll be asking from the Board of Trustees when they meet in Carbondale. The request includes declaration of a financial emergency.

"This is not 'exigency,' for those who are used to that term in a college or university setting, but rather declaration of a short–term crisis, obviously driven in the largest part due to the state budget impasse."


In addition, Dunn says the SIU Carbondale campus would have to further from its budget– in addition to what was already eliminated. 

"I've instructed the campus to go back in and find $30 million on top of this 20–plus in permanent, recurring cuts that could be identified that we would effectuate if there is no resolution to this state budget crisis."

In a response to his campus, Interim Carbondale Chancellor Brad Colwell says the cuts could mean eliminating vacant positions, reducing the number of student work opportunities, and trimming some programs.

Finally, Dunn says he may ask the Board for permission to borrow money from SIU Edwardsville to help SIU Carbondale in the short term.

SIU Edwardsville and the SIU School of Medicine in Springfield also face millions of dollars in cuts.

Public colleges and universities in Illinois have not received any state money since last year due to the budget stalemate.

SIU Trustees meet April 5-6 on the Carbondale campus.


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