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Macomb Park District to Sever Ties to Glenwood Pool

Emily Boyer/Tri States Public Radio
Glenwood Pool

The Macomb Park DistrictBoard of Commissioners voted during a special meeting to withdraw from management of Glenwood Pool.  The pool is owned by the city and managed by the park district but the management pact ends on September 1.

The district plans to honor the contract through the summer and will continue to oversee operations at the pool if the engineering firm Benton & Associates declares the aging facility is structurally sound.

Park Board President John Hemingway said the pool’s condition is deteriorating and it doesn’t make sense to spend more money on repairs.

“I know a lot of people have fond memories (of Glenwood Pool). I have fond memories of the pools that I swam in as a kid.  But we’ve gotta live now and look to the future and that’s what this board wants to do,” said Hemingway.

The resolution to withdraw from management of the pool was approved on a 3-to-2 vote.  Hemingway, Steve Horrell, and Russ Hamm voted in favor; Pat Sowers and Valencia Pettigrew opposed the resolution.

Hemingway said the park district might be willing to manage a new pool or aquatic center if one is built.

“We are wide open to that (idea).  But people must understand that it will take a little time.  We’ve done some studies in the past. We have some viable designs. We need to revisit those and we need to get some more cost estimates,” said Hemingway, adding location studies must also be completed.

He also said any proposed new pool or aquatic facility must be approved by voters because tax money will be needed to build and operate it.


Rich is TSPR's News Director.