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Last year NPR Illinois toured the state in partnership with NPR member stations to hear how the two-year state budget impasse impacted communities in Illinois. The adoption of a budget provided some clarity for those affected but many challenges remain. In November, 2017 , NPR Illinois and Tri States Public Radio hosted a forum at the Spoon River College Outreach Cetner to discuss how the budget impasse was affecting the Macomb community and the future fiscal health of Illinois. This year, we aim to seek solutions to many of the fiscal problems that persist and discuss the prominent issues in the 2018 elections.On Thursday June 7, 2018 NPR Illinois in partnershp with Tri States Public Radio brought their Illinois Issues Forum tour to Galesburg at Prairie Players Civic Theatre.Support for the series is provided by AARP.

WATCH-LISTEN: State Budget Forum - Macomb

NPR Illinois and Tri States Public Radio host the seventh Illinois Issues Forum on the state's financial health and the lasting impacts of the two-year-long state budget impasse.

 Support for the series is provided by AARP. 

Listen to the entire forum here.

The forum focuses on how the impasse affects the Macomb community and the future fiscal health of Illinois. The forum is moderated by Tri States Public Radio News Director, Rich Egger and the panel includes:

  • Kenny Boyd - President/CEO, McDonough District Hospital

  • Erin Clark Benedict - Adoption Support and Preservation Specialist, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois

  • Dr. Chris Merrett  - Director, Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs

  • Dr. Jack Thomas - President, Western Illinois University

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