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Central Lee School District Sued Over Threats, Bullying

SalFalko/Flickr Creative Commons

The Central Lee School District is being accused of not stopping the harassment and bullying of one of its student by another student.

The family of a student identified only as H.S. filed a lawsuit in south Lee County District Court in January. It names the school district and the mother of a student identified only as C.M as defendants.

The lawsuit claims that C.M. has repeatedly threatened H.S., including what are described as death threats.

“The threats of C.M. to H.S., including the threats of death have been reported to school officials of the Central Lee School District as well [as] law enforcement,” per the lawsuit. “Although Central Lee Community School District is aware of the continued threats, harassment and bullying inflicted upon H.S. by C.M., Central Lee Community School District will continue to allow the threats, harassment and bullying to continue unless the injunction requested is granted.”

The parents of H.S. want the court to permanently prohibit the two students from having any contact with each other as well as any other relief the court might deem just and equitable.

“The threats of C.M. to H.S. have become so severe and ongoing that H.S. is [in] fear of [their] safety every day. This includes riding the bus as well as while at school,” reads the lawsuit. “The threats and harm perpetrated upon H.S. have begun to affect ability to concentrate at school and properly complete [their] school work. The threats and harm perpetrated upon H.S. now affect H.S’s ability to obtain an education.”

The Central Lee School District has answered the lawsuit in district court, stating repeated denials of the allegations made against it. 

A hearing on the lawsuit's request for court action has yet to be scheduled.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.