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Superintendent: Criminal Charges Should Come From Threatening Note

Jason Parrott
Clark County Superintendent Ritchie Kracht

The head of the Clark County R-1 School District believes criminal charges should be filed following the discovery of a threatening note early Thursday morning. The note led to classes being cancelled Thursday and a significant law enforcement presence throughout the district on Friday.

Superintendent Ritchie Kracht said a janitor was cleaning a middle school bathroom at about 7:00 A.M. Thursday when she found the note written on a stall. He said the threat was to kill everybody at the school.

“[The janitor] notified school personnel and we came up here and started investigating and called law enforcement,” said Kracht. “Law enforcement went through the building and searched everything and did not find anything in the building.”

Kracht said district staff searched the other school buildings as a precaution and did not find any weapons or explosive devices. He said classes were immediately cancelled and students on buses were returned to their homes.

Kracht said security camera footage of the entrance to the bathroom is being reviewed by law enforcement to determine who might have written the note. He said they are working to narrow down the possible time frame for when the note could have been written.

Kracht said this is the first threat of its kind since he arrived in the district 15 years ago. He said criminal charges should be filed due to the effect on the entire community.

“This disrupted a lot of people,” said Kracht. “A lot of people’s lives are changed because of this. You know, parents had to find daycare at the last minute. They get a phone call at 7:10 that school is cancelled. It’s difficult on some of our families. It created a lot of hardships.”

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.