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COVID-19: QC Hospitals Are Stretched Beyond Limit

Scott County Health Department on Facebook
Scott County Health Department

Dr. Kurt Andersen from Genesis Health System says the vast majority of COVID-19 in-patients have not been vaccinated. And that's affecting the entire Quad Cities.

Our biggest challenge is in our critical care areas. This morning, out of all our critical care beds available throughout Genesis Health System, 80% of those beds are occupied by patients with COVID-19. Of those patients, and consistently throughout the pandemic, 90% of those patients have not vaccinated.
Dr. Kurt Andersen

He says emergency room patients may have to wait for hours or even days to get admitted.

Dr. Toyosi Olutade from UnityPoint Health - Trinity says after more than a year-and-a-half of the pandemic, the cracks are beginning to show. "Our teams are tired and exhausted. Still each and every single day, they show up."

Both health systems have already implemented caps on surgeries and procedures because of the high number of COVID patients in intensive care units, and the extended length of time they need critical care.

In the Quad Cities, 60 percent of residents who are eligible have been fully vaccinated. That leaves 40 percent -- or 118-thousand people -- who are not.

Amy Thoresen from the Scott County Health Department says employees continue to try and find people, such as the homeless, who have not been vaccinated and persuade them to get the shots.

We’re back to overflowing hospitals, exhausted healthcare and public health workers, and grieving families. Except this time, it’s all preventable.
Janet Hill, CFO & PIO Rock Island County Health Department

COVID vaccinations are widely available through the health departments, pharmacies, doctors, health clinics, and through

Quad Cities COVID Coalition

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