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Sex Abuse Lawsuit Continued

Sep 26, 2013

A sexual abuse lawsuit against a former Keokuk teacher will be allowed to continue.

The lawsuit was filed in Henry County, IA, nearly 18-months ago, by a woman identified only as Jane Doe.

Doe says Gina Sisk sexually abused her while Sisk was a teacher and Doe was a student in the New London School District.

The district is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

The continuation was ordered less than two weeks ago.

It was necessary because the lawsuit was tagged for dismissal due to it being in the system for an extended period of time without a ruling being issued.

The case has been on hold for months because of the involvement of the Iowa Supreme Court.

The justices are considering whether a lower court acted properly in not dismissing the case over the statute of limitations.

It could be months before the Iowa Supreme Court issues an opinion.