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Galesburg Seeking to Upgrade Storm Water System

Oct 30, 2014

The city is in the early stages of addressing upgrades to its storm water utility system.

City leaders held public meetings this week to explain the current situation with the system.

Consultant Douglas Noel said the city needs to solve problems with clogged and failing infrastructure, which causes localized flooding.

Residents listen to a presentation about what Galesburg needs to do to upgrade its storm water utility system.
Credit TJ Carson

He said would need to take an inventory of the current infrastructure to help develop a master plan.

“It allows you to prioritize specific projects based on the cost of those projects,” Noel said.

Noel said the work could include more engineering designs and increased inspections of facilities.

The total cost of the upgrades is not known, but in a presentation at the hearing, the city estimated it would need around $962,000 annually

Noel said the upgrades would be funded through a user fee.

“The numbers are developed based on estimates of cost of service that’s going to be provided, and those costs are distributed amongst all the properties based on the amount of impervious areas on the property,” Noel said.

The city estimated the flat fee for single residential properties will be around $52 each year.