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Knox County Treasurer: Pay Raises Not Her Decision


The Galesburg Election Board has filed a petition to have Knox County Treasurer Robin Davis held in civil contempt for not paying wage increases the panel has called for. 

Davis said the board is misplacing the blame, saying she can only pay what the county board authorizes and it has not authorized the increases.

"I think in all fairness, its a little unfair, because its just not my decision," she said.

The Galesburg Election Board says it approved the raises because its staff is paid less than any other city election board in the state.

It used the similar sized town of Danville as an example, both towns have around 30 thousand residents.

It pays its director 45 thousand dollars a year while Galesburg’s director currently makes around 30 thousand dollars a year. That's before the disputed raise, which would bring her pay to about 35 thousand dollars.

Treasurer Davis says that Danville is not a fair comparison, saying the county there brings in far more money. She said that Vermillion county, which Danville is located in, receives around 2.1 million dollars in state income taxes while Knox county gets around 850 thousand dollars.

Scott Stuntz is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.