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Galesburg Reviews Paint Rebate Proposal


After months of debate a draft paint rebate program will be unveiled in  Galesburg  tomorrow.

As part of the city’s beatification project on East Main Street, the Landmark Commission is developing a program to reimburse homeowners for part of the cost of re-painting their houses.

Associate Planner Steve Gugliotta said the program would complement the city’s other re-vitalization efforts.

"So what they're trying to do is kind of fill that void in between the I-74 improvements and the downtown," he said.

Gugliotta said the commission is debating whether only homes directly adjacent to East Main Street would be eligible, or if homeowners on side streets would also be able to participate.

The draft plan proposes giving homeowners 400 dollars each for paint and supplies, though the commission has also been debating the exact rebate amount.

He said the next step is for the commission to agree on a plan so it can be sent to the city council for consideration. The city council would then consider the recommendation and at that point decide how much to invest in the program and from where to get the money.

This city council is finalizing the city's tax levy and budget for the coming year during its meeting tomorrow.

Scott Stuntz is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.