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Chromebooks for All Galesburg Students

Galesburg School District #205 board members voted unanimously to begin a One-to-One computer program this fall so all District #205 students will get free Chromebooks of their own at the beginning of next year.

To finance the program, the District will pay $900,000 to match more than $1 million Federal Title I funds.

“There’s a school in the suburbs of Chicago that has a population similar to ours called Leyden School District,” said David Black, Assistant Superintendent for Finance, Galesburg Public Schools.

“We went up, we saw the program there and actually we’re modeling our program off of that."

With the One-To-One computer program, junior and senior high school students can take their computers home with them.

Younger students will have access to Chromebooks delivered on a shelved cart directly to their classrooms.

Black said money set aside to purchase text books each year for the school district will be used to maintain the One-to-One program, ensuring that Galesburg public school students become and remain tech savvy and well informed for years to come.