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Hamilton's City Streets Now Allow Golf Carts

Hamilton has authorized the use of golf carts within the city.

Anyone 21 years of age or older can drive the golf carts, which can only be used on streets during daylight hours.

The vehicles have to be inspected by the Hamilton Police Department and they must have a registration sticker provided by the city.

Chief Robb Bell says the city wants to make transportation more convenient, especially for those who use the golf course.

“I believe the city wanted to pass this ordinance to give people another alternative to drive around the city…we do have the golf course and a lot of people like driving their golf carts from their home to the golf course so they don’t have to load them up every time they go golfing," said Bell.

The vehicles are permitted to drive across certain highway points throughout the city.  They include Highway 96 at Broadway Street and Highway 136 at 17th Street.