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Update: Arrested Macomb Police Officer Resigns

McDonough County Sheriff's Department

Macomb Patrol Officer Bill Kennedy is charged with Forgery and State Benefit Fraud.

He’s accused of obtaining a Link card in someone else’s name and then using that card.  Link cards in Illinois are issued to anyone approved to receive cash assistance or SNAP (food stamp) benefits.

Kennedy is also accused of writing a check to himself from someone else’s account.

Update at 11:30 am Wednesday: Kennedy this morning submitted a one sentence letter of resignation to Chief Curt Barker, which the chief accepted.

“We did an internal investigation,” said Police Chief Curt Barker.

“Based off that internal investigation, we contacted Illinois State Police and asked that they do an independent investigation into the possible criminal charges that were revealed in our internal investigation.”

Barker said he asked an outside agency to come in to remove the perception of bias in the investigation of the allegations.

Kennedy, who lives in Blandinsville, was arrested Monday afternoon by State Police.

Kennedy, age 35, joined the Macomb Police Department in June, 2005. Barker said he up to this point, “He’s done a very good job for the department. He’s been our K-9 officer and (he’s received) very little, if any, discipline throughout his career.”

Kennedy’s salary is $53,210.  He is suspended with pay.

Barker said he will meet with Kennedy Wednesday morning to get his side of the story.  After that the chief will decide on his discipline. Barker will have the option of dismissing Kennedy from the department.

Barker said he will make a decision as soon as Wednesday afternoon (see update above).

The internal discipline is separate from the legal charges Kennedy faces.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.