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ROE Candidate Decides Against Running

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There is now just one candidate in the election for a newly created office in west central Illinois.

Democrat Dave Demler said he has withdrawn his name from this November’s ballots for Regional Superintendent of Schools for Fulton, Schuyler, Hancock, and McDonough Counties.

Demler said he’s experienced some “personal setbacks” recently.

“It basically made me realize that my family is more important than any job I could have,” said Demler.

Nonetheless, he said the decision to withdraw was not an easy one to make. Demler is currently the regional superintendent for Fulton and Schuyler.  He will continue to serve in that position until the office merges with the regional office for the other two counties. 

The consolidation is scheduled for July 1, 2015.

Demler’s decision leaves Republican John Meixner as the only candidate for the new four county regional office.  He currently serves as regional superintendent for Hancock and McDonough.

Demler said he might like to start a small family business but could not do so as a regional superintendent because people in that position are not allowed to earn a secondary income. He said that rule made it tough for him and his family in 2011 when the state stopped paying regional superintendents for several months.

“If for some reason the state decides not to pay us again, I want to have an opportunity and I guess a fallback, if you will.  As a regional superintendent I didn’t have that option,” said Demler.

But he emphasized the decision is not about making more money – it’s about raising his children and doing more with his family.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.