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No Charges in Death of Macomb Restaurant Manager

Rich Egger

After a nine month investigation, prosecutors decided against pursuing charges in the death of Ramone Doyle.

Doyle, 43, was the Buffalo Wild Wings manager who was strangled by his roommate in mid-February.

McDonough County State’s Attorney James Hoyle said the roommate, Shaun Davis, 26, was defending himself against an attack by Doyle.

“There was an attack that lasted several minutes upon Shaun Davis. And eventually he gained the upper hand, and there’s an eyewitness that witnessed most of the events on and off trying to assist him,” Hoyle said.

“I concluded that based upon the facts and circumstances of the fight that his use of deadly force was justified under the circumstances.”

Hoyle said the eyewitness testimony was important. He also waited for the state crime lab to test evidence before deciding whether to pursue charges. 

Credit Western Courier
Ramone Doyle

The attack happened at the home the two men shared on East Pierce Street and after a night of partying.  Hoyle credited the Macomb Police Department with acting quickly to find and interview witnesses.

“Everybody kind of fled and left, and they (the police) did a really good job of tracking people down, bringing them in quickly, and interviewing them,” Hoyle said. ”I commend them. They worked really hard on the investigation.”

Macomb Police Chief Curt Barker said it’s not known why Doyle attacked Davis but his department recommended Davis be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

“But after the state’s attorney’s office reviewed that they didn’t feel there was enough probable cause there to justify that,” Barker said.

“We have to ensure that we think about the Doyle family and what they’re going through right now. I’m sure they’re not happy with this decision.”

Rich is TSPR's News Director.