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Galesburg Fishery Receives National Recognition

T.J. Carson

Food and Wine Magazine named Sitka Salmon Shares one of the 20 "Best Food Artisans" in America.

Sitka Salmon Shares is located in the Sustainable Business Center in Galesburg. Sitka serves around 1,200 people, who buy shares that give them access to salmon and other fish products.

The fish are harvested by nine Alaskan fishermen.  The business sends out around 6,000 pounds of fish products in per month.

Nic Mink, President of Sitka Salmon Shares, acknowledged he's a "foodie" and said the recognition is a huge honor.

“To be in part of the discussion, that I think the national food conversation is having about good food and who’s doing things right, and who’s producing the top quality ingredients in the country,” Mink said.

Mink estimated that the attention from the magazine has increased business by around 40%.

He said there are plans to expand.

“We’re working with now an increasing number of fishermen nationally to see if we can set up an opportunity for small scale fishermen around the country to work with us to be able to share their product in the Midwest,” Mink said.

Mink also said Sitka is working to set up another distribution center in Wisconsin.