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Pay to Play at Monmouth-Roseville

T.J. Carson

The Monmouth-Roseville Board of Education this week agreed to implement an activity fee.

The charge is $50 for each sport or club a student participates in at the junior and senior high schools.

Superintendent Ed Fletcher said all activities except chorus will require the fee.

“We started with some of the co-curricular activities that have a state series, such as Scholastic Bowl.  Then we look at some of our co-curricular activities that there is a substantial amount of money that we spend, whether it’s supplies or props,” Fletcher said.


Fletcher estimated the fee will generate around $21,000 per year.

The school didn’t impose a waiver or a cap on how much a family could spend per year for activities.

Fletcher said based off what he's experienced, parents will find a way to pay their children’s activity fees.

He said the district could consider in the future an option that allows students to work in a program at the school to cover the cost of the fee.

“If the board approves a work program that takes one more reason away from parents, and the kids have to be part of something and sacrifice something to be able to do that,” Fletcher said.

The fees will be re-evaluated next year to determine if adjustments are needed.