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National Guard Vet Running for State Representative

T.J. Carson
Dan Swanson says he supports conservative constitutional values and the right to bear arms.

A veteran of the Illinois Army National Guard is making a run for the State Legislature as a Republican.

Dan Swanson of Alpha is the 2nd person to declare his candidacy for State Representative in the 74th District. Knox County GOP Chairman Wayne Saline is the other who has officially declared.

Swanson served on the AlWood School Board for 17 years from 1992-2009, and spent two years after that on the Henry County Board.  He said his military career included tours in Iraq for recruiting and training soldiers.

Swanson said he was inspired to run for the Legislature by the person who currently serves the district, Republican Don Moffitt of Gilson.

“Having worked with Don closely on several different parades and other events and things, I really admire the public servants who do that, who are willing to step up and do that. I served my local level on the board of education and on the county board. I served for my country while on active duty in the military. And now I feel it’s time to serve my state,” Swanson said.

Swanson said he wants to continue work on issues that were important to Moffitt, which include ensuring there is funding for training and caring for emergency responders and veterans. He said the lack of a state budget could harm funding for them.

Swanson said he’s also concerned about the state budget, saying the state has been spending money it doesn't have.

“We’ve been doing that at our state level for so long, and we’ve robbed Peter to pay Paul in too many cases,” Swanson said.

Swanson would use attrition to reduce the budget, instead of cuts, along with taking a strict, conservative approach. He also described Illinois as a “lawsuit state,” and would look at Tort reform.